Our working principles and quality policy include

Our commitment to contribute to the implementation, activation, continuity, compatibility and improvement of the Quality System in our company together with all our personnel;

To develop our work with the aim of offering high-quality and reliable products at all times according to the customer orientation principle,

To continue our work making long-term plans following and applying the modern technology,

To meet the needs and expectations of the customers on time with high-reliability and affordable price and to endeavor to increase the customer satisfaction and competition power,

To establish sincere relations between our customers, suppliers and employees and the management and to develop the mutual trust,

To support the continuous development of our employees evaluating their ideas and suggestions with our decision mechanism,

To use our available facilities in a planned way, efficiently and productively and to prevent the waste,

To train all our employees on the basis of Quality Management System and technically and to direct them in the best way.