Single Electrical Metal San. Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.. Established in 1995. Our company started the production process of manufacturing silver contacts today has reached an annual capacity of 200,000,000 pieces. In addition, new investments in 2005 to build its own building and welded silver contacts from the contact line in the manufacturing production line by adding a year to 100 million units acquired. 9001:2000 certificate ISO 9001:2000 in 2008 and had completed the work. World and in Turkey in line with developments in electrical and electronics sector, new investments in the future will continue to follow the new technologies.


   Company serving the electrical and electronics sector, “quality” has been working with the concept. We produced the line, according to the needs and diversity of technology has developed to date. Our technical staff, contact with technology developments and innovations in the world literature by following the most appropriate solutions to its customers.

OUR VISION                                             

   Being one of the leading companies in the world electronics industry Electric referenced. With innovative and creative communications solutions to our customers, our employees and the community to be the leader in creating the highest level. Using the latest technologies to add value and benefit to our customers plus.


* Quality

* Confidence

* Experience

* Productivity

* Speed

* Our unique service concept and the different

* Technical support and advice

* Awareness in the industry


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