In this production method, silver alloy without welding capability is connected with the terminal using the resistance weld technology with the help of weld layer on the band so as to create a metallurgical bond.

As the oxide-based silver alloys are not suitable for bonding with the resistance weld, weld layered profile bands are used.

Thus, oxide-based silver alloys are more successful in meeting the specifications of the electricity industry thanks to this feature.

System advantages

As the resistance points which occur in staking method disappear, the current passes over the terminal without undergoing any extra resistance.

Elimination of the possible errors in the staking process. (incorrect staking, gaps between the contact and terminal, measuremental differences on rivet contact


As the profiles connect 90° perpendicular to each other (Cross), they are not affected by the axial mismatches arising from the open close mechanism.


– AgNi 0,15 – – AgNi 90/10 – – AgNi 85/15 – – AgNi 80/20
– AgZnO 92/8 – AgZnO 90/10
– AgSnO2 88/12 – AgSnO2 90/10
– AgCu3 – AgCu 90/10

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